Caterina Lucchi Woman

Caterina Lucchi creations are dedicated to strong and passionate women, who are protagonist of their lives, who are part of a world in which femininity and strong personality go hand in hand.

Women with a clear idea about life.
Women who do not fear anything.
Women who are aware of their role.
Women who are aware of their duty.
Women who look to their future with passion, love and joy.
Women who know that the world is in their hands.
Women who know that they cannot pretend.
Women who feel the privilege of responsibilities.
Women who are proud of their lives.

"I don't know if my bags manage to communicate all this, but this is what I think, what I feel, what I am"
Caterina Lucchi

Caterina Lucchi creations

A sober, timeless style, that Caterina Lucchi translates into simple, fascinating and, at the same time, extraordinary and unique collections. Each piece is created and shaped by the intensity and the passion of the designer.
Feminine, elegant, refined.

The style is RetrĂ², Vintage.
RetrĂ² because Caterina Lucchi loves styles that remind of the past, that have kept the beauty and taste of things created by masters, who have worked with precision and perfection on leather bags meant to last for a lifetime.Vintage because style of the past are an endless source of suggestions and ideas that, once reinterpreted, give life to completely new and innovative objects, anchors to the past that look to the present.

Treatments on the leather, such as laser work, quilting, drilling, embroideries, curls, folds, "amanuensis" technique, patchwork, weaving and everything that is creative , together with experimentations such as spraying, painting, creasing, bleaching, make Caterina Lucchi bags contemporary and special objects, for women who are protagonist of their style.

Caterina Lucchi designer

The creative path of Caterina Lucchi starts in 1986 in Cesena, a town in the Romagna region in the northern Italy, where the designer was born. During the school years, together with her husband and business partner Marco Campomaggi, Caterina Lucchi begins to manually produce the first models of bags, which immediately distinguish themselves for their originality, sophistications and style.

Today Caterina draws her inspirations from the contemporary woman, experimenting with materials and styles, mixing and merging them in a harmonious way, in a process of continous research.

Caterina Lucchi caters to a woman with a strong, complete and fulfilled personality. Tenacious, passionate and modern women that distinguish themselves because they are protagonists of their lives.

"Our life essence can be contained in a bag. Let's choose it with care and fill it with emotions."
Caterina Lucchi

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