Sales conditions

Sales terms and conditions

1. Shop Caterina Lucchi use requirements
Shop Caterina Lucchi is intended for end users and consumers. Sales to businesses, corporation or professional users are not allowed.
1.3 Subscribing to the website and providing necessary personal data, as per our privacy notice, is necessary in order to issue any purchase order on the website.
1.3 The products displayed on the website may be ordered according to the procedures on art. 2.

2. Order Procedure
2.1 The customer may choose the products among the availability of the web site.
2.2 All products selected buy the customer, by clicking the “Add to cart" button, will be displayed within a virtual shopping bag, and will be displayed on the bar ”View cart".
2.3 In order to issue its purchase order, the customer has to login onto the web site, using the login and password provided at the time of subscription.
2.4 The virtual Shopping bag will display all products selected by the customer; by clicking the button “Finalize your order" the website will initiate the procedure for issuing an order proposal by the It system of Shop Caterina Lucchi.
2.5 At this stage, the customer may display the products, quantities, final prices, personal data, shipping addresses and all other relevant details.
2.6 Final prices, as displayed on the website, are subject to changes, also due to the different tax system of the final destination of the goods. Therefore, customers are kindly requested to pay attention to the amounts displayed on the order request form.
2.7 Clicking on "Finalize your order", the site will request the issuing of the order proposal by the It system of Shop Caterina Lucchi.
2.8 The contract between the shop and the customer is concluded as soon as Shop Caterina Lucchi issues its order confirmation, which shall include all relevant details of the purchase order.

3. Payments
3.1 The customer will pay for the products in full at the time of issuing the order proposal, by using the payment methods accepted by the Shop Caterina Lucchi (for example, credit card or by PayPal account).
3.2 In case of refusal of the order proposal, Shop Caterina Lucchi will refund any payment already made by credit card company or PayPal for the order of the product.

4. Deliveries
4.1 All invoices will be issued in electronic format.
4.2 Shop Caterina Lucchi may refuse to fulfill order in areas that are not served by its forwarder or in territories that are not included in the area of service. In such cases, all advanced payments will be refunded.
4.3 Shop Caterina Lucchi will use selected couriers for its deliveries.
4.4 Shop Caterina Lucchi will not be held responsible for missing or delayed delivery in case:
  a) The ordered goods are missing and it is impossible to replace them for external circumstances;
  b) Shop Caterina Lucchi has timely informed the customer that the products are unavailable;
4.5 Shop Caterina Lucchi declaim any liability in case of delayed or failed delivery due to Force Majeure, as for example, strikes, Government acts or exceptional natural adversities. In such cases, Shop Caterina Lucchi will communicate that an impediment of Force Majeure has terminated as soon as possible.
4.6 In case Force Majeure Impediments lasts more that 30 days, the customer may require the immediate contract termination. In such case, all advanced payments will be timely refund.
4.7 All Products dispatched by Shop Caterina Lucchi have an identification tag and a disposable seal. The tag or seal must not be removed or damaged from the purchased products for granting the right to return the product.
4.8 All risk in the product shall pass to the Customer upon delivery.

5. Shipments
5.1 Shipment and delivery conditions are ruled accordingly to the general Shipping guideline and delivery time, in the Customer Service section of the website.
5.2 The information provided in these sections are as an integral and substantial part of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and, consequently, shall be deemed to be fully read and accepted by at the time the order form is sent.

6. Consumer rights and cancellation
6.1 The customer has the right to cancel the existing contract with Shop Caterina Lucchi, within 15 days from delivery of the goods. 
6.2 In order to request the contract cancellation, the customer must fill the Return Form provided.
6.3 In such case, the goods will have to be dispatched for shipping within 15 days from delivery of the goods.
6.4 The customer may be required for a contribution to shipping fees for returns.
6.5 The customer may choose between the solutions below for returning the goods:
  a) The approved courier, as indicated on the online Return and refund page, using the return label enclosed in the original order. In such case Shop Caterina Lucchi will deduct a contribution cost of 22€ for Europe, and 35$ for Extra-Cee countries, every two bags. 
  b) By packaging the relevant products securely and sending them to Shop Caterina Lucchi using another courier. In this case, it is recommended to use a courier service or registered mailing and provide adequate insurance for the return of the goods.
6.6 In order to fully accomplish all prerequisites for the contract cancellation, the products:
  a) Must not have been used, worn, washed or damaged;
  b) Both the disposable seal and the identification tag must be attached to the  product;
  c) The products should be returned according to the schedule provided by the Customer Service of Shop Caterina Lucchi . In case the contract has been cancelled according to the provisions under art. 6, Shop Caterina Lucchi will refund payments received for the contract.
  d) In case of failure to accomplish requirements under clause 6 by the customer, no refund will be due by Shop Caterina Lucchi.

7. Terms for refunds
7.1 In case the contract cancellation has been made according to clause 6, Shop Caterina Lucchi will notify via email that the order cancellation has been accepted;
7.2 Refunds are made within 30 days from the date of the communication above. And can only be issued to the customer that has made payment (It is impossible to refund money to a third party);

8. Privacy
8.1 Personal Data are treated according to the data protection policy, that could be read on the Privacy section of the website.

9. Applicable Law
9.1 The General Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law and in particular by D.Lgs 206-2005 on distance contracts and by D.lgs 70-2003 on certain aspects related to e-commerce.

10.  Amendments and updates
10.1 The General Terms and Conditions of Sale may be amended from time to time due to new laws and regulations or other reasons. The new General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be effective as of the date of publication on Shop Caterina Lucchi .

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