Caterina Lucchi Gold: Spring/Summer 2020 Collection


Caterina Lucchi for spring summer 2020, designs a collection that reflects the designer’s personality: an elegant and sophisticated style for an eclectic woman who is always on the move.
The bag is one of those accessories that cannot be missed within the wardrobe of every woman, one of the most faithful allies one can have. Partner of our days, it becomes the container of the female universe, personalizing the daily outfits, as well as embellishing the evenings. The Caterina Lucchi Spring Summer 2020 collection proposes handbags of different forms and dimensions to satisfy a myriad of tastes.
This season, the different models, carefully selected to exalt the craftsmanship of the product, are named after famous Italian painters. The line dedicated to Beato Angelico, a 15th century painter, for example, includes shopping bag, waist bag, hobo and a small pochette. These items are a combination of laser-cut cowhide with canvas. Only one side of the bags are embellished with arabesque motifs directly on the leather while leaving the other side elegantly plain. A complimentary shoulder strap is included with all these models. Composed on one side embellished with arabesque motifs impressed directly on the skin which contrasts with the smooth side.
The uniqueness and singularity is a peculiar feature of the Lorenzo Lotto line. Each bag is in fact a unique piece thanks to the workmanship performed individually and not industrially of the dyed leather, subsequently tied manually and then sent to dye again. All this to create, once the skin is untied and dried, the Batik effect, an ancient fabric coloring technique that leads back to ancient Indonesia.
The Antonio Alibrandi line is divided between the multi-material proposal, which uses materials that are already finished and then retouched in garment, and the laminated calf line. The first sees monochromatic models and models that combine different colors, from spring and summer tones. Practical and roomy models perfect for a casual look. Styles in laminated calf with race-dyed print are ideal for illuminating every woman’s outfit both day and night.
The Filippo Lippi line also features styles in race-dyed, laminated print calfskin as well as those with a python flap for its postman and shopping bags, thus giving a glamorous and sparkling touch to our daily look. These styles can also be found however in neutral colors and simpler lines always characterized by the classic frontal closure that distinguishes the entire collection.
One of the spring / summer evergreens continues to be the floral print that is inserted by Caterina Lucchi in the Andrea del Castagno proposals and intercalated with vertical lines. The styles, made in calfskin and cowhide dyed in spring colors, are perfect for a romantic look.
Pop-colored inserts characterize the Paolo Veronese and Andrea Mantegna lines. The first, totally in leather dyed leather, stands out for its multicolored inlays that have a strong visual impact. The second one is composed of a shopping bag and a clutch in pastel colors both embellished thanks to three different laser decorations ranging from flowers to geometric decorations.
To stay on the subject of everything spring and summer, Caterina Lucchi proposes the Domenico Ghirlandaio line of bags for the SS20 season. Entirely in cowhide and pastel colors, it consists of trunks and shoppers that stand out for the micro-piercing of the body of the bag combined with the smooth and contrasting part of the handles.
To make your look shine both in the sea and in the city, the styles in laminated cognac or the elegant ladylike bags by Antonello da Messina are perfect, offering a version of golden coated linen combined with garment dyed cowhide.

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