Refined textures and special techniques lie at the heart of Caterina Lucchi’s research.
The designer puts her passion for high-quality craftsmanship at the centre of her work to create bags which aim to be timeless must-have items in every woman’s wardrobe.


This line has been crafted from garment-dyed suede, calfskin and cowhide leather; all of which are natural materials
with a strong character, for a refined, yet everyday style. A distinguishing feature of these bags is the Maori-tattooinspired
laser detailing, which appears on the flaps and the front of the bags. The warm colours used in this line highlight
and enhance this type of detail work.


The line has been created using a combination of various materials, a must for the designer, who has used this
technique once again for Winter 2019. The bags come in two different hues: autumn colours, which take inspiration
from the mixture of shades and colours found in the forest, and winter tones, derived from darker, urban colours.


Our most luxe line, created with inserts made from wild reptile and crocodile leather. It features small-sized models in
dark hues for the evening and medium-sized models in brick red and mink brown for the day.


This line, made of pony hair, features a mixture of prints, which give a lively touch to conventional winter materials. The
prints – polka dots, Prince of Wales check and houndstooth – cover small-sized bags for special occasions, as well as two
shoppers, one with circular handles and a flat one, for everyday use.


All the bags in this line have been made exclusively in black leather. They have not been crafted with the garment-dyed
technique, but rather using a type of leather that is unique for its “wrinkled” effect. Designed with everyday use in mind,
this line features medium and large bags, but there are also some smaller models for the evening.


Crafted from sheepskin, this line is characterised by the special gold or silver metallic coating used as a treatment on the
fur. It is a glamorous and refined touch, which appears both on shoppers for everyday use and clutches which are ideal
for special occasions.


The scent of tree bark, woodland colours, an equestrian atmosphere: these are the elements that have inspired the bags
from the Caravaggio line. Crafted from calfskin, cowhide and suede, the models in this line feature a thin closure strap
with a buckle and metal tip, which appears on the flaps and the pockets.


This line is made of non-garment-dyed calfskin paired with pony hair, and it is available in two versions – a more
glamorous one with leopard print and a more classic one with laser detailed black reptile print.
A common characteristic of the bags from this line is a beetle-shaped charm made from a loop of cowhide, embellished
with handmade stitching. This motif also appears on the flaps and the edges of many models from the Bramante line.


Craftsmanship, the scent of leather and threading techniques have always been elements of the tradition and
recognition of Caterina Lucchi’s personality, and they are fully expressed with this line. All of these small, medium and
large-sized models are made either of calfskin and cowhide, or in a suede version. Just like in the pony hair bags from
the same line, these bags also feature the beetle-shaped charm.


Sequins are a recurring theme in Caterina Lucchi’s collections, and for the autumn-winter season, they are interpreted
with a fresh and innovative spirit, by combining them with suede and gold and silver lamé details.
The line features both large-sized bags and smaller, cross-body models.


The line is made exclusively of lamé calfskin with a stingray print, characterized by a tone-on-tone floral laser detail,
which creates a special tapestry-like effect. The line features shoppers, hobo bags and small clutches.


This line features two clutches – a bucket bag and a small shoulder bag made of black calfskin, embellished with feather