Corporate Responsibility

Campomaggi & Caterina Lucchi S.p.A. works in a modern production facility in S. Carlo di Cesena, which has been recently expanded. 
 Designed by the Japanese architect Kazuhide Takahama with production efficiency and excellence in mind, it is also a space filled with harmony and design, able to inspire each phase of product development, from the creative idea to the sale, perfectly in tune with company values.
The strong connection between human beings and their work, with more and more hours spent at the workplace, has driven the business to invest in the design of attractive spaces across the company. This has led to the creation of an indoor woodland with plants that enrich and make the storeroom and the style and management offices more appealing.
All the spaces are bright and airy, surrounded by the fields and the beauty of our territory. The Japanese garden with pond inside the facility is open to employees as a recreational area and adds to the canteen space. Healthy eating and good lifestyles, which lead to wellness, have been at the basis of meetings promoted between employees and specialists of the sector.
The personnel also has the option of ordering meals prepared using healthy foods and from a controlled source, to enjoy during lunch break. Since 2012, the production activity has been supported by a system of photovoltaic panels (expanded in 2016) to reduce CO2 emissions and thanks to which the company succeeds, in part, in supporting itself.